long time, no blog...

Hey! So, to keep it real, I've been slacking. Like I mentioned in my last post, I just haven't been inspired lately because have a lot (of good things) going on. I can't talk about it now but I cant wait until I can!

Anyway, last week Sam came down to get her hair done for her sisters wedding and can I say how amazing it looks? I hate to toot my own horn, but no I don't. While she was here we did a little photo shoot along with some photos of me and the hubz. Enjoy!

Here is the before and after of Sam's hair. Isn't it amazing? It gets even better in the outfit photos!
sam3 sam5 sam6 sam4
Look how amazing her hair looks when the sun hits it! I can't even deal... I love how these pictures came out. The lighting was perfect, I barely had to edit them. Mostly because Sam is so beautiful!
And here's Mr. Starr and I...
sam7 sam8
Love him! I hope everyone has a great Monday, I had an unexpected day off so I know I am. I've been in my bed all day with no plans to leave. That's how I like it. xo


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