fourth of July cute stuff

If you have no idea what to put on for the fourth of July, here are a couple quick ideas I threw together. I know they're more casual so if you want something a little crazier, let me know ;)

going home

bff1 bff2 bff5 bff4 bff3
{ dress:Forever 21 | sweater:old from American Eagle, similar | shoes:Aldo | necklace:old from Forever 21, similar }
I went home to my parents house this week to meet up with my best friend, Sam! I really love using models for two reason: I love being the photographer and I can get poses and angles that Brent just doesn't understand (sorry, babe) and I can feature styles that I love but cannot pull off. Sam and I were limited on clothing since it was a little spur of the moment photo shoot and we were only there for a day so we didn't pack much. This is so simple but such a good way to change a plain sundress and a plain sweater. I really love this outfit mostly because it WAS so random and I feel like I make my best creations when I just throw stuff together. This is perfect for a cool summer night (jk, Florida) and would even be super cute with great sandals. Enjoy :-)
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Have a great weekend guys. Tomorrow is my Monday...

street fashion: the peplum

vera2 vera 3
How. Cute. Is. This? Unfortunately, I don't know much about where these things are from. I know for sure that the shoes are from Steve Madden. I still have yet to find a peplum that looks good on me but when I do I'm buying it in every color. Sorry 'bout it.
p.s. thanks Vera!

no longer a j.crew virgin!

jcrew6 jcrew4 jcrew1 jcrew3
{ shirt:J.Crew | shorts:J.Crew | shoes:similar | necklace:similar | sunglasses:similar }
I am so excited that I finally went to J.Crew! I feel like I have finally crossed the threshold from regular person to real fashion blogger. They had 20% off throughout the whole store and 30% if you have a J.Crew card...uh oh. Maybe next time? I love this shirt but I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to keep it or not. I feel like it's a little boxy? I don't know. Also, don't say anything about the leopard heels. I know I wear them a lot but in my opinion, leopard goes with everything. If you don't like it, feel free to donate to the "Simone needs a pair of neutral Steve Madden wedges."
It's a real thing.

i got the blues

I never wear too much color so this blue shirt was like wtf. For this outfit I did a day look and a night look kind of thing. For night I just added heels and left the pants unrolled and used my purse as a clutch.

For day time I put on my favorite sandals and turned the clutch into a cross body bag. I also rolled my jeans up for a more casual look.

blue2 blue5
{ shirt:Forever 21 | jeans:Target | sandals:Target | heels: similar | necklace:similar | clutch:Forever 21 }

rain boots

rain1 rain3 rain2 rain4
{ shirt:Forever 21 | jeans:Express | boots:Target }
Oh, rain boots. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I use to hate them until about 3 weeks ago when we got a lot of rain and my sandals kept getting wet in puddles and I said to myself, "Self, you need a pair of rain boots." Then on a recent trip to Target, they kind of just fell from the sky. They were the ONLY pair of rain boots Target had that just happened to be my size and just happened to be coral. Whaaaaaaat? They were only $10 but online they're full price so I'm not sure what the deal is with that. Also, If you've never tried the ankle jeans from Express, you need to. They're the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn and they're the perfect length. I think they'd be flattering on anyone. The only thing that sucks is that they're those pants that get loose after you wear them so I'd suggest getting one size down. That's just me.
So that's my rain boot story.
And please excuse my ghetto umbrella.

street fashion

briella2 briella
Well I lost my camera charger so I couldn't take pictures the last few days because my camera died on Sunday soooooo you're getting street fashion today! But don't worry because I got a new one today! Thank God for BestBuy gift cards <3 We had an event at my salon today and I met Briella from our PR company. She was so sweet and I loved her outfit and I knew I wanted you guys to see it. I'm not sure where everything came from but I know the dress is from Express and she said she saw a similar necklace at Charming Charlie.
 Anddddd that's all I know. Stay tuned this week for some new looks!

mixed prints

 photo k1.jpg  photo k4.jpg  photo k2.jpg  photo k5.jpg
{ shirt:from forever 21, similar | jeans:target | shoes:similar | necklace:from target, similar }
I'm sorry I haven't posted since last Sunday! Lack of inspiration plus my photographer (good ole' Brent) has been working late. Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought these olive khaki skinnies frommmmm guess where? Yup, Target. They have gold studs on the pockets that I love but they aren't showing with this shirt. I think I'm going to take them to a tailor to make them skinnier at the bottom because I don't love them rolled up.
I've been having a hard time becoming inspired lately so if anyone has any looks or anything they'd like to see, please let me know! I'm super lame lately.
Also, today is Father's Day! I don't celebrate that but it's really cool when a dad can be a dad so I hope everyone had a great day with their dad today. And happy Sunday!

date night

 photo emerald2.jpg  photo emerald1.jpg  photo emerald4.jpg  photo emerald3.jpg

{shirt: old from Target, similar | jeans: old from Forever 21, similar | shoes: old from Target, similar | necklace: old from Forever 21, similar }
Today is Brent and I's 4 month wedding anniversary so this is what I wore out to dinner and the movies. I also want to thank Brent because he had a bad day and didn't want to take these pictures but he did and I love him for it <3 Anyway. Sorry that all of these items are old but I always try to post the most similar things so y'all can find them online. I feel like this outfit is perfect for a summer night. It's cute and easy and really comfortable. These are like the only heels I can walk in. This outfit would also look awesome with cute sandals or a blazer and different shoes. 
Happy Sunday! I worked all day so I hope you guys did something cooler.

summer essentials

 photo summeressentials-1.jpg

1. Baroque Satin Trousers | I've been in love with these silly pants lately, and while I use to think they were ridiculous, I tried on a pair in Target and I fell in love. These ones are silk which is great because you can dress them up or down.

2. Crochet Beau Boot | I am so obsessed with these boots. I found them while searching through Wanelo which is basically like a Pinterest for clothing but you can buy everything on there . Its amazing. Any way, I love these boots but they're $198 so it's not happening. And yes, boots are okay for summer. My rules.

3. Linen Tailored Blazer | This blazer is perfect for summer because one, it's white and two, it's white. It's tailored so it'll flatter almost any shape and you can also dress this up or down. I have been looking for a white blazer for a while now for summer.

4. Daisy Chain Collar | J.Crew had pretty much this same exact necklace for more than $100 so for $44 this is a steal. It's so cute and summery and can really be added to the most simple outfit to add just what it needs. Statement necklaces are really 'in' right now and BaubleBar and Lulu*s have THE cutest jewelry at such great prices. If you want to try statement necklaces but don't want to spend a ton, I would absolutely check out those sites.

5. Navy High Waisted Bikini | Basically, it's summer and I'm not prepared for it so I really want to try a high waisted bikini to cover all the ugly. I love this one because I love that the stripes are navy which makes it look a bit nautical and I just love that the high waisted-ness looks so retro.

6. Silk Cami | Need. This is such a versatile piece that can also be dressed up or dressed down. I have silk tank tops but the cami-style straps make it look so delicate and feminine and kind of expensive actually. You can put it over your bathing suit at the beach or wear it with a blazer to work. Anything goes with this.

7. Ecote Oversized Printed Tote Bag | This bag is GIANT. Like if you click on this link to the bag and see the pictures of the model holding it, she could probably fit in this bag. It's so huge which is perfect if you're using it for the beach. You can probably throw ten towels in this thing. And your dog.

Well, here are all my favs for summer so far. Comment and let me know what your summer essentials are!


 photo mel2.jpg  photo mel4.jpg  photo mel5.jpg  photo mel3.jpg
Here are the rest of the photos from Mel and I's photoshoot. She's beautiful and I love her. Anyway, sorry I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! I'm in a bit of a style rut. I've been saving extra since I'm moving in October which means I haven't been buying new things which means its hard for me to ge inspired. Which is a really bad thing because I need to learn how to shop my own closet. I'll learn. And I'll be posting again soon, pinky promise! If anyone has suggestions please feel free to tell me. Love you!
xo Simone

cowboy booties

 photo hipsim1.jpg  photo hipsim3.jpg  photo hipsim4.jpg  photo hipsim2.jpg

{ shirt:forever21 | jeans:delia*s | booties:target | scarf:nordstrom | earrings:similar, and cuter. }
Finally, my $10 booties from Target! I'm still not completely sure what else I can wear them with but I do know that they're cute and I love them. Like I said, I got them on sale but online they're still full price so I'm not sure what's up with that. They also have them in black. I've had these jeans forever and I rarely wear them but they were the only ones skinny enough to tuck into the boots. As you can see in the last picture that's exactly what I'm doing, lol. I love this shirt but the back is so extremely long I actually got it when Mel and I shot these photos. Oh well.
I'm not sure if I'm going to post an Obsession Sundae tomorrow or the last of Mel and I's photoshoot. The last look we had for her is so cute and lady-like, can't wait to share!