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{ crop top: vintage, similar | flannel: urban outfitters, similar | shorts: similar | shoes: converse | hat: similar | necklace: similar }
 Mel is the best model ever. She's my first model but I know that she's the best. I had her model for me because she can pull off things that I can't. If I wore this outfit, I would look homeless. When she does it, she looks like a super cool hipster. Sorry that I don't have the exact links to the items but that's what happens when someone brings their own clothes. I did try to pick really, really similar items though so you should be fine!


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{ shirt:similar | jeans:target | shoes:similar | bag:similar | necklaces:similar, similar, similar }

I am obsessed with this shirt and the color. I actually bought it at Target recently and I know they still have it but for some reason its not online. It comes in a bunch of colors too. Pretty much everything I'm wearing here is from Target. Shoes too but they're from last year. My friend Mel actually took these for me instead of Brent so we had a lot of fun shooting. We did 4 looks which is great because I only get to shoot twice a week. Mel will be featured as a model this week, she is so natural and amazing and tiny and I'm so excited. Thanks Mel!!!


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{ shirt: old from Wal-Mart, similar | shorts:target | jacket:forever21 | sandals:similar | necklace:similar }
All this post has told me is that I need a tan. LOL. Okay, so I've had this shirt for about 4 years. And you read it right- I got it from Wal-Mart. I haven't worn it in forever but its a favorite of Brent's so he made me do it and I ain't mad at him. These shorts are the most comfortable and I can tuck shirts into them and I don't look cray! The jacket surprisingly wasn't too heavy at all for a summer night in Florida. We actually went out to dinner and a movie this night and I kept in on the whole time. And the sandals? The most comfortable and on sale at Target...of course ;)

obsession sundae

Welcome to 'Obsession Sundae.' This is basically where I will be piling all of the things I have been obsessed with over the week. On Sunday. Get it?!  photo obsessed1.jpg

1.Beaded Tribal-Inspired Necklace | as I was roaming through Forever21.com last week to find a similar item for a previous post, I stumbled across this awesome statement necklace. After that day I've literally been seeing similar necklaces everywhere. I think it would go with so many things. And for $13 it's definitely worth it.

2.FOLORTAN Tote Bag | for me, this is a combination of all my favorite things- studs, a huge bag, the color blush, STUDS, and it's made to look like the Celine bags. Except this one is only $60 at Aldo and those Celine bags are $3000 plus. Used! and this one has studs.

3.Sleevless Denim Vest | I use to think that these were fugly but I actually love denim vests now. They're perf for summer because you can wear them with anything you'd wear a denim jacket with exept without sleeves. This one is only $30 at Target and I'm picking it up asap.

4.XENON | why can't I walk in heels? Something about these are beautiful to me. I love that they're suede and they're mint which is one of my favorite colors. I almost never wear heels but if I did these would be the first ones I would buy. Steve Madden has them for $99. I'm not sure they're worth it for someone who doesnt wear heels often but I do love them.

5.Chevron Strip Peplum Shell Top | peplum is such a cute feminie trend. It's almost like wearing a really subtle tu-tu! They have so many styles of it at Express and this one is on sale for only $30 and I think the pattern would actually be really slimming.

6.Studded Faux Leather Flats | these are amazing because Valentino makes a very similar pair of studded flats for $695!!! These are only $25 and I know for a fact that they are comfortable and true to size because I almost bought a pair when I was in Nashville but you know those lines at Forever 21...

7.Ashbury Sundress | This would go awesome with that denim vest. It's so beautiful for summer and I bet it's really comfy. I'm so obsessed with the hippy sunflow print.

So that was my Obession Sundae! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I want to do one every Sunday. Let me know if you like it in the comments :) Thanks ! <3
xo Simone

florals + leather

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{ jacket:forever21 | skirt:similar | shirt:nordstrom | shoes:similar | necklace:similar }

chambray + cognac

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{ shirt:target | jeans:target | shoes:similar | purse:similar | necklace:similar | sunglasses:similar }
I've been wanting a chambray shirt forever but they're always so short on me for some reason. I finally found this one at Target the other day for like $30 and I love it. It was the perfect thing for my first post. I love chambray with white or black denim. I actually took pictures with black jeans and cute sandals but I didn't like how they turned out so this is what you get. Enjoy!