obsession sundae

Welcome to 'Obsession Sundae.' This is basically where I will be piling all of the things I have been obsessed with over the week. On Sunday. Get it?!  photo obsessed1.jpg

1.Beaded Tribal-Inspired Necklace | as I was roaming through Forever21.com last week to find a similar item for a previous post, I stumbled across this awesome statement necklace. After that day I've literally been seeing similar necklaces everywhere. I think it would go with so many things. And for $13 it's definitely worth it.

2.FOLORTAN Tote Bag | for me, this is a combination of all my favorite things- studs, a huge bag, the color blush, STUDS, and it's made to look like the Celine bags. Except this one is only $60 at Aldo and those Celine bags are $3000 plus. Used! and this one has studs.

3.Sleevless Denim Vest | I use to think that these were fugly but I actually love denim vests now. They're perf for summer because you can wear them with anything you'd wear a denim jacket with exept without sleeves. This one is only $30 at Target and I'm picking it up asap.

4.XENON | why can't I walk in heels? Something about these are beautiful to me. I love that they're suede and they're mint which is one of my favorite colors. I almost never wear heels but if I did these would be the first ones I would buy. Steve Madden has them for $99. I'm not sure they're worth it for someone who doesnt wear heels often but I do love them.

5.Chevron Strip Peplum Shell Top | peplum is such a cute feminie trend. It's almost like wearing a really subtle tu-tu! They have so many styles of it at Express and this one is on sale for only $30 and I think the pattern would actually be really slimming.

6.Studded Faux Leather Flats | these are amazing because Valentino makes a very similar pair of studded flats for $695!!! These are only $25 and I know for a fact that they are comfortable and true to size because I almost bought a pair when I was in Nashville but you know those lines at Forever 21...

7.Ashbury Sundress | This would go awesome with that denim vest. It's so beautiful for summer and I bet it's really comfy. I'm so obsessed with the hippy sunflow print.

So that was my Obession Sundae! I hope you guys enjoyed it. I want to do one every Sunday. Let me know if you like it in the comments :) Thanks ! <3
xo Simone


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