This post will be completely un-fashion related. So for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, we've moved to Nashville! I am so excited and have been waiting to do something like this forever. We will miss our families and friends more than anything but this will be such an exciting part of our new life together !

I really want to document my life here in Nashville so along with the fashion posts, there will also be some lifestyle posts. So for my first Nashville life post, i'm documenting my apartment search! While we were searching about 2 weeks ago we had 2 days to look at like 6 apartment complexes. Since I had so much fun looking at apartments, I would like to share with everyone all the places we went as well as the place we actually chose to live!

So this is the first place:
 photo hillmeade.png
This place was always my first choice because it was really big and the complex itself was so beautiful and hilly but once they added on all the fees, it was crazy expensive!

beautiful grounds
huge apartment
lots of natural light
close to downtown
big screened in patio
window in kitchen!
wood floors
lots of expensive hidden fees
the kitchen wasn't open
small bathrooms
further from work
 photo viewsoncumberland.png This one was nice as well but the back porch was facing the Cumberland River, which is cool, except that its basically a swamp with a million mosquitos and spiders.
nicely redone inside
new kitchen
bugs and spiders
no sunlight
only 2 windows
small bedroom
weird area

 photo lexingtonsmall.png
This apartment was really nice and updated but was just a bit too cramped for us
newly renovated
high ceilings
lots of sunlight
nice neighborhood
bar counter
gas heating and water
no where to put TV and we didn't want to mount it
further from work and downtown
 photo 865.png  
I loved it here as well but the apartments that we looked at weren't the cleanest. They weren't dirty but you just would have thought they'd have been cleaner? The woman at the sales office would have given us a great deal too but we just didn't feel like home here.
Andddd here is where we chose to live!:
blog blog3 blog2 blog5
Now I know what you're thinking, "Why didn't you pick one of the places with wood floors or nice kitchens??" For some reason out of all the places we looked at, this was the one that felt most like home. And as I'm sitting here on my couch (finally), I know we made the right choice.
10 minutes from downtown!
a mile from 3 grocery stores and a bunch of restaurants
 10 ft ceilings
huge windows and a lot of natural lighting
awesome view from all the windows
lots of space
huge laundry room
huge bedroom
3rd floor (never again)
I can't wait until everything is hung and put into place so I can post pictures of it furnished and decorated ! xo


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