how im decorating (for now)

We have finally settled in and unpacked and decorated and I'm ready to show you guys how I've decorated our apartment. It is 100% subject to change but while we are getting life situated, this will do for now. There are still a few empty walls that I'm not too happy about but I'm pretty satisfied with how everything turned out so far.

Side note: Please excuse any NASCAR memorabilia that you see. Its not easy having a husband who actually cares about home d├ęcor...

Our entryway! I got the shoe idea from Pinterest and Brent actually came up with the mailbox-as-an-umbrella holder idea. That's the mailbox from our wedding and we didn't want to throw it away.

{ met . married . live }
This is right above our entry way set up. It's A map of Sebring, Deerfield, and Nashville!
home4 home7 home3
Here are some shots of the living room. home5
Here are some detailed shots of out Expedit shelf from Ikea. I love this thing! I have a full picture on my Instagram so check that out if you want to see it. The 'MR&MRS' was a gift from our wedding and the little tree next to it was also from our wedding and I put some fall flowers on it because I'm seasonal... And yes, I know that frame is empty. home6
My husband worked so hard on this collage wall and he did such a great job. I love it and it's pretty much the focal point when you walk into the room. home8
Our half dining room, half office because we're adults. home9 home10
The lighting in my kitchen is fugly so you just get details today. home11
Nothin' special going on in the bathroom. home12
Getting a king-sized bed is in the 'Top 5 best things I've ever done' list. home13
...and the patio. I love having a patio! I tried to get a picture of the view because it really is beautiful but its rainy here in Nashville so maybe another day.

So there it is! It's no where near complete but I love it and I'm proud of it and it feels like home. I will update as I add/alter things. Which is inevitable.



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